Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moving Closer To Alpha!

Matt is visiting Utah for the week.   We are getting in lots of brainstorming and sifting through our ideas for the site's functionality.  

This morning, we had breakfast with John and Jeff of Lunawebs to discuss our next steps in getting the application ready for Alpha testing.  They have designed the profile pages for the players and coaches.  Now, our programmers are teaming up with Motionbox's staff to work on incorporating their API in our application.   

On Sunday night, I played pick up lacrosse in Park City with all of the local lacrosse coaches and referees.  After an intense possession, I was slashed by an aggravated player on the other team.  I told him what I thought of the play and he responded will equal enthusiasm.  It just so happens, that the aggravated player is the coach of the University of Utah lacrosse team.  At halftime, he apologized and we started talking about Lacrosse Recruits.   He liked the idea and invited Matt and I to check out their game vs. Westminster College on Thursday.  

Besides that,  we are working on the databases,  heading down to see BYU play Arizona State tonight, and mourning Wesleyan's OT loss to Endicott.   

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quick Update!

I thought it was about time for a quick update, I will run through our projects of the week at Lacrosse Recruits.  

1) With Jeff from Lunawebs help, we have preliminary layouts for our homepage and profile pages. Click here for a homepage preview!

2) Matt and I are compiling the contact information for every head and assistant coach in college lacrosse.

3) We are close to final terms with our video editing and hosting provider, Motionbox. Please feel free to visit the website and check out their service.

Check back for updates to www.lacrosserecruits.com .