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Lacrosse Recruiting Camp Guide


We field daily calls from parents and players asking about the following camps, so we thought it would be beneficial to provide write ups for the top summer recruiting camps. Each camp write up consists of a "summary" from the camp's website, an "overheard" section quoting players and coaches and an "our take" section which gives the's perspective on what players should attend each camp.

Blue Chip 225
Bryant College, RI


It is the premier recruiting camp for high school lacrosse players in the Northeast. You can expect to be coached during the week in both practice and game situations by college coaches, and to be observed by other college coaches who attend camp as observers and evaluators. You can expect to learn about the college recruiting process from the people who do it. What are the recruiting rules; who to talk to; what to expect on visits, how to communicate with coaches and a whole lot more.


"This camp is the best of its kind in the Northeast. If you aren't going to Jake Reed's Blue Chip and you want to play up North, you better be going to this Blue Chip."

Our Take:

It is on point to say that this is the best recruiting camp in the Northeast. Coach Spencer does a great job drawing top talent to the camp along with loads of D1, D2 and D3 coaches. This year, he joined forces with Coach Pressler to host the camp at Bryant. The new location secures its spot as a Northeast destination. Blue Chip 225 is one of the best options for players who do not attend Jake Reed's camps and want to attend college in the north.

Elite 180 Lacrosse Camp

Keene State, NH


As the Head Coach of the Amherst College Lacrosse team, Coach Tom Carmean found it to be ineffective to travel to each and every recruiting venue looking for that small faction of student/athlete who could meet the academic and athletic demands of the Northeast's most prestigious colleges. In turn, Elite 180 seeks to bring together the nation's best student/athletes with the some of the nation's best colleges.


"We found that your camp allowed our players to get that early look from these highly competitive schools that they might not gotten elsewhere. This exposure no doubt, allowed our players to get a better handle on the recruiting process as it relates to these schools." Ken Miller, Owner Long Island Sting

Our Take:

Elite 180 focuses on exactly what Coach Carmean set out in his camp's mission statement. Giving players the opportunity to be seen by coaches from high level academic schools (Ivy, NESCAC, Patriot) in a competitive atmosphere. Unlike some of the larger camps, like 205 or Peak 200, Elite 180 keeps their limit of campers low. If you visit their website, they provide a unique list of camp alumni, schools where players move on include, Kenyon, Dartmouth, Haverford, Bucknell, Providence, etc.

Jake Reed's Blue Chip


It is the premier recruiting camp for high school lacrosse players. 2009 will be the first year of Jake Reed's Nike Blue Chip camp for rising Sophomores. Just like the Junior and Senior camps, the rising Sophomore camp will be held at UMBC. Invites are sent by the camp in the fall to players that pass a strict referral process. Acceptances are due by November 22nd, 2008. There is a 120-player limit for each session of the camp. If the invites are not accepted, additional invitations will be sent to alternates. All current invitees accept by November 22nd.


"If you think your son or player is good enough to play at the highest level, do everything you can to get them at this camp. Be proactive, try to get as many respected coaches as possible to lobby for your son's spot at this camp."

Our Take:

If you get an invitation to this camp… go. It is that simple, if you want to play at the highest level of college lacrosse, this camp is your best opportunity to impress top tier coaches by showcasing your skills against the highest level of competition. The number of total players is kept to a manageable level, so coaches are able to get a good look at each player.

New England Top 150 Lacrosse
Portsmouth Abbey, NH


The New England Lacrosse Camp Top 150 provides the experienced high school player with excellent competition and advanced coaching techniques. Each player will have the opportunity to improve their individual techniques and tactical knowledge and to compete against strong competition. Over 50 Colleges are in attendance providing student/athletes an opportunity to meet college coaches.


"The camp has the best corral of Ivy and NESCAC coaches out there. They aren't just scouting, they are getting players better. And you will see lots of high level, intelligent lacrosse players."

Our Take:

Coach Brown puts together one of the best camps in the country for players who want to improve their game and compete at a high level. This is one of the rare recruiting camps that teach players how to become better. It also boasts a full roster of coaches from the top programs in the Northeast. Every level, D1 to D3. From UMASS, Yale, Tufts, Providence, Bryant, Vermont, Middlebury, Bates, to name a few. The coaching staff is excellent, and they care about the players and helping their game. The experience is more personal than most camps out there.

Peak 200

Springfield, MA


The Peak 200 Lacrosse Camp is a focused, competitive program designed to provide the best possible advanced coaching and playing experience for the nation's most exceptional secondary school players. Each player will be on a team with its own complete coaching staff and will be exposed to individual, position and team training. Emphasis will be placed on advanced techniques, tactics and strategies from some of the top coaches in the country.


"It is a fun camp that has good competition, good numbers and a number of scouts."

Our Take:

Having a college coach as the coach of your team at Peak 200 gives you an opportunity to be exposed to great coaching for the entire week. Not only are you getting better, but as you play all the other teams at the camp, it also gives you the opportunity to play in front of a lot of coaches. Peak 200 also has a great “College Fair” night where each school in attendance sets up a booth and you are given time to speak with all the coaches.

Showtime Recruiting: National Recruiting Showcase



160 of the top rising sophomores (Class 2012) and juniors (Class of 2011) with college lacrosse aspirations will compete from July 13th - July 16th, 2009 at Western Connecticut State University, in Danbury (Fairfield County), CT. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their skills while being individually assessed during position specific instruction and game sessions. CT. Many top DI, DII, and DIII coaching staffs will be in attendance. In 2008, some of the nation's top coaching staffs were in attendance, headlined by Johns Hopkins and Syracuse.


"The camp is still in its second year, so if you can go to Blue Chip, Top 205 or Blue Chip 225, you may be better off there. But Paul, Joe and Mike have lots of coaching connections and will be able to build their camp into a first choice camp for upcoming players."

Our Take:

This camp is run by former Syracuse standouts, Paul Carcaterra, Joe Ceglia and Mike Springer. They offer invite only spots to rising Sophomores and Juniors. The camp is in its 2nd year at Western Connecticut State University. Last year's camp drew a wide range of top-notch players from throughout the country. The lowdown on this camp is that it is a great place to be seen by some big time programs. Word is that Syracuse found 4 or 5 players who are high on their recruiting lists for the upcoming season. As mentioned above, Hopkins was also patrolling the sidelines. The camp also drew a number of D1 and top D3 programs in the tri-state area. Since the camp is only open to rising sophomores and juniors, this camp is for top players that want to play at the highest level.

Texas 99


The camp covers the Top 99 players in the state selected by the HS coaches. Over 50 colleges were represented. Top 20 D1 schools like Harvard, Notre Dame, Yale, Towson, Ohio State, Navy, Army, Air Force, Maryland, Dartmouth and Penn State as well as developing programs like Hartford, Bellarmine and Manhattan College. Additionally, top D2 and D3 programs like Washington and Lee, Salisbury State, Merrimack College, Bates College, Bowdoin, Limestone, etc attended.

Our Take:

Coach Byrne from ND runs a very well attended camp. You can see by the schools that they list above on their website. The camp is a lifeline for strong high school players from Texas who might not have the opportunity to attend camps on the East Coast.

Top 205

College Park, MD/Towson, MD


The original recruiting camp. It is still regarded as one of the best opportunities to be seen by the top-level coaches. They offer three sessions for players, rising juniors and two open Top 205 camp sessions. The 4 days provide players with the opportunity to go from unknown to on the tip of the coaching communities tongues with an impressive couple of days of play.


"Do not expect to get much individual instruction, this camp is almost all playing, but coaches are camped out on the sidelines."

Our Take:

The camp is known as a stronghold for colleges from the South. The opportunities are there to be seen. It is the best alternative to Jake Reed's Blue Chip camp. If you make the All Star team you are guaranteed looks from top 10 Division 1 programs.

If you have any suggestions for additions, please feel free to email me directly at

Sunday, December 21, 2008 hires for SEO Marketing Project

This week, hired , a full service internet marketing firm based out of Denver, to work on's SEO Marketing project. Matt and I heeded the advice of numerous advisers to get our website in the top results for a variety of lacrosse recruiting key words. As we all know, it is increasingly important to create a search engine presence. Especially as we move closer to the upcoming lacrosse season. On average, lacrosse related key word searches increase between 250% and 325% during the spring months. Below, you will find Fruition's mission statement from their website.

Fruition’s Mission Statement

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We asked the Fruition team to tackle a number of key words, ranging from "lacrosse recruiting" to "lacrosse recruiting website" to "lacrosse recruiting tournaments." Currently, we are most concerned with "lacrosse recruiting." The first result that includes our site falls at #38 on the list. We feel that it is crucial to be improve our ranking as we try to draw more web traffic.

I love the idea of how important google searches are for the success of a web application like ours. If you think about the person who is searching a key word like "lacrosse recruiting," they are probably a person who would be interested in If our website is one of the top results for their search, they are being pushed towards our site by a trusted source. (the google rainmakers) Matt and I are excited to work with the Fruition team and develop our search engine presence.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Highlights From Darien HS/UNC Coaching Clinic

This past weekend, I attended the Darien High School/UNC Coaching Clinic in Darien. It was great to see the large amount of youth and high school coaches that attended the event. It goes to show how influential and respected Darien Youth Lax and Darien HS’s coaching staff are in the CT lacrosse community. There was lots of lacrosse philosophy focusing on everything from team drills to promote transition & unsettled situations to UNC’s offensive and defensive goals for the upcoming season.

We were fortunate enough to have Darien’s Head Coach Jeff Brameier say some very nice things about He explained to the audience that there isn’t a better tool out there to help a player through the recruiting process. Also, Coach Breschi from UNC commented on the changing recruiting environment.

“The recruiting process is so important to a program. Especially a program with a new coaching staff. We have players as early as 8th and 9th grade on our radar screen. You need to get your games taped, get yourself out there. Work hard to have your transcript in order, study for the PSAT, SAT and ACT. “

With ten Class of 2010 verbal commitments to UNC (including the #1 rated recruit), you have to listen to the man...

Outside of Lacrosse: From Tom Peters, the author of Thriving on Chaos

"Instant, mindless cutting of R&D or training or salesforce travel in the face of a downturn is often counterproductive-or, rather, downright stupid. Tough times are in fact golden opportunities to get the drop, and the longterm drop at that, on those who respond to bad news by panicky across-the-board slash and burn tactics and moves that de-motivate and alienate the workforce at exactly the wrong moment."

Sunday, December 7, 2008 Featured In Lacrosse Magazine

November was a very exciting month for We finished and tested the girls side of (to be released to the public very soon), we finished guided flash tours of (which will be live this week!), and we continued to grow our membership base. An added bonus was a phone call out of the blue from a reporter at Lacrosse Magazine asking for a few quotes from us for their "Recruiting U" series. They had heard about through the lacrosse community and were very impressed with our website and the tools we offer our members.

If you are not familiar with the series, "Recruiting U" is a series in each month's issue of Lacrosse Magazine that tackles a different aspect of recruiting. For the month of December, Lacrosse Magazine was taking a look at the myth regarding athletic scholarships. It seems like everyday you hear about somebody going somewhere on a "full ride." The fact is, however, the NCAA allows only 12.6 scholarships for every DI men's lacrosse program and 12 scholarships for every DI woman's program. That being said, not every DI lacrosse team is fully funded and receives all of the scholarship money allowed per NCAA guidelines. We had heard from numerous sources that the number of lacrosse players to EVER receive a full athletic scholarship could be counted on one hand. In the article (which can be viewed here), Coach Dom Starsia of UVA had this to say, "In my 17 years at Virginia, I think we've done it three times, where we've given somebody a full scholarship."

I had a great talk with the reporter and this is what was printed regarding

"If you just look at the scholarship offerings, you're probably talking about the top 150 guys in the country, and there's probably 4,000 kids going in to play college lacrosse at all the levels every year," said Matt Wheeler, a four-year letterwinner at Wesleyan University who, along with former teammate Chris Meade, co-founded -- a Facebook-style Web site designed to market high school lacrosse players to college coaches.

We suggest you read the whole article as Lacrosse Magazine is absolutely right in everything they touch on in this article.

Also featured in the December issue of Lacrosse Magazine was A High School Athlete's Recruiting Guide To College Lacrosse, which is the recruiting guide we wrote and currently sell on This guide was included in "The Scoop" section as a great holiday gift.

The guide helps high school players plan for the recruiting process and helps them avoid the mistakes many high school lacrosse players make. Using this guide along with a profile puts any player at a distinct advantage over his or her peers.

Stay tuned for more from as we launch the girls side of and push the guided flash tours live!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Women's Photographs for

Over the past month, Matt and I have searched through thousands of photographs of women lacrosse players to select our images for the launch of for Girls. The process was not as simple as the boys selection, which entailed finding a picture, contacting the photographer, purchasing the photograph, and loading it to the homepage. We completed that process in a total of 6 days.

On the women's side, the process was a bit different. Matt and I wanted to include photographs of the William & Mary's team that we found on InsideLacrosse. Everything seemed to be moving smoothly until we found out that the two photographs that we chose, had current W&M players, therefore risking the players NCAA eligibility for the upcoming season. Instead of ruining their careers, we turned to our friend, Larry French, to send us a number of other options that he thought would be great replacements.

Both photographs in this post will rotate on our homepage with the Jump & Bump photograph. We are excited to have these up and running on Monday afternoon. The total time to finalize our photographs, about 23 days.

Along with having the women's photographs on the homepage, we are very close to opening up the women's side of for registration. As we find out time and time again, launch dates are not always the easiest to predict. Please look out for our launch email this week.