Saturday, December 6, 2008

Women's Photographs for

Over the past month, Matt and I have searched through thousands of photographs of women lacrosse players to select our images for the launch of for Girls. The process was not as simple as the boys selection, which entailed finding a picture, contacting the photographer, purchasing the photograph, and loading it to the homepage. We completed that process in a total of 6 days.

On the women's side, the process was a bit different. Matt and I wanted to include photographs of the William & Mary's team that we found on InsideLacrosse. Everything seemed to be moving smoothly until we found out that the two photographs that we chose, had current W&M players, therefore risking the players NCAA eligibility for the upcoming season. Instead of ruining their careers, we turned to our friend, Larry French, to send us a number of other options that he thought would be great replacements.

Both photographs in this post will rotate on our homepage with the Jump & Bump photograph. We are excited to have these up and running on Monday afternoon. The total time to finalize our photographs, about 23 days.

Along with having the women's photographs on the homepage, we are very close to opening up the women's side of for registration. As we find out time and time again, launch dates are not always the easiest to predict. Please look out for our launch email this week.

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