Saturday, July 25, 2009

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Monday, February 2, 2009

As Seen on's Recruiting Blog

Chris Meade, co-founder of, reports on this past weekend’s Nike SPARQ lacrosse combine from Long Island

The first run through of The Lacrosse Combine featuring Nike SPARQ testing was a great success. Thirty-one participants from Long Island’s top high school and travel programs congregated at Fast Edge’s Training Facility in Hauppauge, N.Y. to see how they compare to elite players and their peers in lacrosse specific training events and to learn more about the recruiting process.

The testing consisted of four Nike SPARQ tests: a 20-yard sprint, a vertical jump, a 5-10-10-5 shuttle run with a stick and a rotational powerball throw. These tests were developed by Nike SPARQ to accurately gauge the athletic ability of lacrosse players in lacrosse specific movements. The times and scores were collected and sent to SPARQ headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. and will eventually produce a SPARQ score that will allow each player to see how he or she stacks up against players in their age group. The group was impressive as a whole, with results in the range of top Division I recruits who have completed the tests.

As the game of lacrosse grows, more combine events are popping up on the recruiting calendar and should become more and more important as college coaches look for new ways to gauge talent. An integral part of The Lacrosse Combine was a seminar ran by’s founders, Matt Wheeler and me. The seminar focused on how to use the tools and Combine results to differentiate you from other recruits. The Lacrosse Combine provided players and their parents with a unique experience that blended a “Combine event” with recruiting insight.

Below are the top results for boys and girls in the four different events.

Boys Participants

20-Yard Sprint
1. Kevin Nasionski, Ward Melville 2.56
2. Brian Fischer, Garden City 2.63
3. Matt Xirinachs, St. Anthony’s 2.66

Vertical Jump
1. Brian Fischer, Garden City 30”
2. Brett Miller, SWR 28”
2.. Charlie Raffa, St. Anthony’s 25”

30-Yard Shuttle
1. Sean Mahon, Chaminade 6.44
2. Christian Bernardo, St. Anthony’s 6.47
2. Greg Danseglio, St. Anthony’s 6.48

1. Joe LoCascio, St. Anthony’s 6.42
2. Brett Miller, SWR 6.44
3. Christian Bernardo, St. Anthony’s 6.50

Rotational Powerball Throw
1. Charlie Raffa, St. Anthony’s 42’7”
2. Joey Leonard, Hicksville 42’7”
3. Ryan DeSimone, Smithtown East 39’

Girls Participants

20-Yard Sprint
1. Makenzie Hommel, Ward Melville 2.94
1. Lauren Schwalje, St. Anthony’s 2.94
2. Kelly Nasionski, Ward Melville 2.97

Vertical Jump
1. Kelly Nasionski, Ward Melville 17”
2. Alyssa Handel, Patchogue-Medford 16”
2. Betsy Holland, St. Anthony’s 16”
2. Lauren Schwalje, St. Anthony’s 16”

30-Yard Shuttle
1. Kelly Nasionski, Ward Melville 6.95
2. Lauren Engelke, Garden City 7.20
3. Kerrin Mauren, St. Anthony’s 7.22
3. Lauren Schwalje, St. Anthony’s 7.22

1. Alyssa Handel, Patchogue-Medford 7.21
2. Lauren Engelke, Garden City 7.32
2. Lauren Schwalje, St. Anthony 7.32

Rotational Powerball Throw
1. Betsy Holland, St. Anthony’s 33’4”
2. Lauren Engelke, Garden City 29’10”
3. Kelly Nasionski, Ward Melville 29’6”

Meade is Co-Founder of, an innovative online application developed to help streamline the recruiting process for high school players, their parents and college coaches.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Lacrosse Combine - Preview

We have been working hard in advance of the first "The Lacrosse Combine." We will be the first group in the country running the Sparq Lacrosse Assessment. Nike Sparq just finished the tests that comprise the Sparq Lacrosse Assessment and we will be running 30 of the best players on Long Island through the test on Saturday, Jan. 31st. just posted the article below previewing the event.

A full post to come in the coming days. Chris will also be a contributing blogger for's recruiting coverage.

Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009's January Update!

As always, my favorite thing to do while traveling is writing posts to update visitors and members about what is going on at

The past 19 days have been a constant push to get our year off to a great start.

1. Working with Long Island Express to offer memberships to their 2010, 2011 & 2012 boys and girls teams.

2. Working with Lacrosse Unlimited to institute referral programs through their store managers – Effectively increasing our salesforce from 2 to 23. (Well our current salesforce may be 3, if my dad continues to sign people up in the grocery stores of Long Island)

3. Locking down camp and tournament appearances for the upcoming summer – our full schedule will be finalized in the upcoming weeks. It looks like we will be putting another 12,000 miles on the company car.

4. Attending USLacrosse Convention and getting the chance to personally walk hundreds of players, parents, coaches and industry insiders through the features of By the end of the weekend, Matt Wheeler could have given a site tour in his sleep.

5. Finalizing our print campaign for Lacrosse Magazine. We are running full page and third page ads adjacent to the Recruiting U. series in the February, March, April and May. We are excited about the ads and are grateful to our friends who helped us through the process. As well as Kira Muller as USLacrosse!

6. SEO! At the beginning of December, we were getting crushed in google searches. Crushed! would show up somewhere between the 36th and 59th result. Search lacrosse recruiting… 9th! Thanks Fruition! We are on our way to number 1.

7. Last but not least, we would like to thank Connor Prescott, Endicott 2012, for being our intern for the month of January. Connor plays on the lacrosse team at Endicott and did a tremendous job for us. We wish him and the Endicott lacrosse team luck this upcoming season. Unless, of course, they cross paths with Wesleyan at some point.