Thursday, December 11, 2008

Highlights From Darien HS/UNC Coaching Clinic

This past weekend, I attended the Darien High School/UNC Coaching Clinic in Darien. It was great to see the large amount of youth and high school coaches that attended the event. It goes to show how influential and respected Darien Youth Lax and Darien HS’s coaching staff are in the CT lacrosse community. There was lots of lacrosse philosophy focusing on everything from team drills to promote transition & unsettled situations to UNC’s offensive and defensive goals for the upcoming season.

We were fortunate enough to have Darien’s Head Coach Jeff Brameier say some very nice things about He explained to the audience that there isn’t a better tool out there to help a player through the recruiting process. Also, Coach Breschi from UNC commented on the changing recruiting environment.

“The recruiting process is so important to a program. Especially a program with a new coaching staff. We have players as early as 8th and 9th grade on our radar screen. You need to get your games taped, get yourself out there. Work hard to have your transcript in order, study for the PSAT, SAT and ACT. “

With ten Class of 2010 verbal commitments to UNC (including the #1 rated recruit), you have to listen to the man...

Outside of Lacrosse: From Tom Peters, the author of Thriving on Chaos

"Instant, mindless cutting of R&D or training or salesforce travel in the face of a downturn is often counterproductive-or, rather, downright stupid. Tough times are in fact golden opportunities to get the drop, and the longterm drop at that, on those who respond to bad news by panicky across-the-board slash and burn tactics and moves that de-motivate and alienate the workforce at exactly the wrong moment."

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