Thursday, July 10, 2008

We teamed up with for another giveaway... present our second giveaway. This is another invite challenge with a twist. Instead of just asking you guys to invite as many friends as possible, we are going to ask you to invite 20 players from your high school lacrosse team or travel lacrosse team. Invite them, copy the list, send it over to - and everyone who does this will be entered into a drawing for a custom dyed LacrosseRecruits head created my our good friends at

From YumYumLax, NYC, " is a new way to bridge the gap between players and coaches. Two former Wesleyan Lacrosse standouts created this nifty online tool that allows players from across the country get the exposure they need in order to be recruited."

Lolax Lacrosse Inc. is dedicated to bringing you the best deals on all your stringing supply needs. We offer professional stringers and dyers to design you your dream stick.

The contest ends next Wednesday, July 16th.

Thank you, Chris, Matt, John, Sean and Peter

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linda said...

From the new website to the blog - looks great! Congratulations on the launch.

Linda in Virginia