Friday, June 20, 2008

First Giveaway! LacrosseRecruits teamed up with Reebok Lacrosse to present the Invite Challenge...

We will give away a pair of Reebok 9K gloves to the person who adds the most lax friends to's Facebook group.

This is how it works...

1. Click on "Invite People to the Group", add as many lax friends as possible, click invite

2. Copy & Paste the following information from the "Invites were sent to the following people" screen, into a facebook message to Lacrosse Recruits

Invites were sent to the following people:

* William Chiu
* Chris Meade
* Tori Spelling
* Chazz Woodson

3. At the end of the contest (Thursday 6/26), we will count to see how many kids have joined the group from your list. The person with the most friends added will win the Reebok 9K gloves.

4. The gloves will be sent on Friday, June 27th!

Thanks, From the LacrosseRecruits Crew - Chris, Matt, John and Sean

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