Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Trip To Costco

Since John Meade (Chris' brother) has moved into Lacrosse Recruits Headquarters and started working with us, we needed food. Costco was pretty much the only place that could feed 3 strapping young men like us. Below is an item by item list of what Chris and I bought tonight. Never thought it would be so easy to spend $229.68 in 35 minutes (note to our investors, this was on the personal credit card).

-2.5 lbs of Roasted Almonds
-48 granola bars
-Keg of Pretzels (about the size of a real keg).
-1 gallon of milk
-28 Babybell cheeses (so good)
-16 yogurts
-24 slices of cheese
-4 lbs of turkey
-28 Hebrew National hot dogs
-Honey Nut cheerios
-Kashi cereal (trying to stay healthy)
-Multigrain bread (healthy)
-36 rolls of toilet paper (should last till 2009)
-18 hamburger patties
-24 marinated chicken breasts
-20 vitamin waters
-24 gatorades
-20 hamburger buns
-16 hot dog buns
-2 big vats of peanut butter
-2 big vats of smuckers
-24 sausages (chris made a good find here)

Pretty much the essentials.

Other than the awesome amount of food the house now has, things are going pretty well. We have sent out over 50 T Shirts in the last two days to friends that are working lacrosse camps across the country to help spread the word. Brochures have also been sent to club teams and camp directors. I am on a first name basis with the three guys that work at the Darien Post Office, which is always a good thing we think.

More to come as we put the finishing touches on LacrosseRecruits.com. Also, some fresh T Shirt designs are in the works (look out for these as they look good).


Anonymous said...

cut the shit... i'm sending you some real cheese. wheeler clearly has no taste.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm no math major, but it seems to me like you have 2 extra hamburger buns and 12 hot dogs with no buns...


Matthew Wheeler said...

We didnt want the bread to go bad. How are we going to eat that many hot dogs?


Dave said...

Nice Costco run. Just like a good wesleyan party you can never have too much sausage. Hook it up with a Tee.