Sunday, December 21, 2008 hires for SEO Marketing Project

This week, hired , a full service internet marketing firm based out of Denver, to work on's SEO Marketing project. Matt and I heeded the advice of numerous advisers to get our website in the top results for a variety of lacrosse recruiting key words. As we all know, it is increasingly important to create a search engine presence. Especially as we move closer to the upcoming lacrosse season. On average, lacrosse related key word searches increase between 250% and 325% during the spring months. Below, you will find Fruition's mission statement from their website.

Fruition’s Mission Statement

Fruition’s mission is to help companies get online, stay online, and use the Internet as a competitive advantage.

Fruition is a Denver web development and Internet marketing company that will help your company increase its online revenue in a cost effective manner. Fruition delivers the highest level of expertise in all aspects of online and off line marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) ad management for Google, Yahoo, and others, as well as addition forms of online marketing. Fruition is also highly experienced in off-line marketing matters including print advertising campaigns, creatives, public relations (PR), radio, direct mail, and various other marketing arenas. This gives Fruition the ability to integrate your marketing initiatives to maximize your ROI.

We asked the Fruition team to tackle a number of key words, ranging from "lacrosse recruiting" to "lacrosse recruiting website" to "lacrosse recruiting tournaments." Currently, we are most concerned with "lacrosse recruiting." The first result that includes our site falls at #38 on the list. We feel that it is crucial to be improve our ranking as we try to draw more web traffic.

I love the idea of how important google searches are for the success of a web application like ours. If you think about the person who is searching a key word like "lacrosse recruiting," they are probably a person who would be interested in If our website is one of the top results for their search, they are being pushed towards our site by a trusted source. (the google rainmakers) Matt and I are excited to work with the Fruition team and develop our search engine presence.

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