Thursday, May 29, 2008


Chris has really been crushing me in terms of number of blog posts and this is something I pledge to fix. So here I go.

Today was a great day at LacrosseRecruits HQ. We received our first batch of brochures after working on them for about a month. We have heard other start-ups say this, but little things really do take a lot longer than you expect. The work paid off as we are really happy with how they came out. Our first batch was sent this afternoon to our new Head Of Regional Marketing Sean Wheeler, who will be helping us out in the Pittsburgh area.

We also received our T Shirts. 150 White shirts, 25 grey shirts and 25 pink shirts (which are in HIGH demand heading into the summer).

Testing of the site has continued and our developers certainly have their hands full the next few days. We are very happy with the product and with a little work, we will be thrilled and ready to hit the ground running. It has been a long road and to have the launch in our sites is very exciting.

More tomorrow...

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