Saturday, May 17, 2008

Week in Review

Few things make a five hour flight from JFK to Salt Lake City as enjoyable as watching NCAA Quarterfinal previews on ESPNU and the Jazz struggle against the Lakers. It seems fitting that I tried to set aside some time to relax and think about something other than lacrosse, when I noticed another passenger watching highlights from the Navy v. UNC game. (Shout out to Navy LSM Zack Schroder who tucked a sick goal last week). I had to watch… I couldn’t help myself.

This past week was another big week at LacrosseRecruits. Some highlights: 1) Through one of my good friends, I was referred to Ned Bowen of Ned Bowen’s All Out Lacrosse. After a solid conversation about West Coast lacrosse, he told me that he would help out anyway possible. 2) We have the go ahead from Coach Raba to set up a tent and handout our Recruiting 101 booklets at the Cardinals Future Tournament. 3) Most shocking highlight, Coaches actually RETURNED our phone calls and emails. 4) There has been great facebook banter in response to our LacrosseRecruits Office Space Photo Album. 5) Matt is back in cage, taking shots and prepping for Glastonbury

We are testing the website and still on schedule for a June 1 launch. As we move towards our launch, we are constantly asking friends to help get the word out and refer us to their lacrosse friends. I want to thank everyone who has been eager to lend a hand.

Go watch lacrosse!
Major League Lacrosse Games of the Week
NCAA Playoffs

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