Monday, November 10, 2008

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LacrosseRecruits Learns on the Web

Earlier in the week I posted a link to a blog post, "How to Target a Facebook Ad to a Specific Individual" by Sam Lessin from It is a welcome to the world of nano-targeting using our favorite social networking site, Facebook. Lessin wrote, "I created a series of nano-targeted advertisements targeted at specific individuals. For example, I set one up for my girlfriend, "Sending my love ..." All I needed to do was target an ad to: "Wall Street Journal reporters who are 25, graduated from Harvard with a history degree and live in San Francisco."

After reading this post, it made sense that we could run targeted LacrosseRecruits ads to males and females, 14-17 years old, in high school that have an interest in lacrosse. We finished our one day trial yesterday and were very happy with the results. The ads drove visitors to our website from all over the country. We are excited to continue the ads as soon as we roll out our next round of updates.

LacrosseRecruits Reads Lacrosse Magazine

I just want to say how impressed I am with Lacrosse Magazine's November Issue. It is not as flashy as InsideLacrosse but the editorials throughout the magazine are dead on with current trends in recruiting and the growth of the game. If you have a chance, please read "Educated Consumers Make the Best Parents" by Steve Stenersen and "Recruiting U: Too Vested in Verbals?" by Brian Delaney. Both articles are necessary reads for parents who have children that plan on playing travel lacrosse on a "select" team and playing lacrosse in college.

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