Thursday, May 29, 2008

From the Basement - MLL Draft & Tech


Last night, the Boston Cannons selected Paul Rabil as the #1 pick in the MLL draft. It was an exciting evening, as more and more quality players graduate and want to play in the MLL. Click here to see the entire list.

More importantly, LacrosseRecruits has some friends who were selected in the draft. Shout out to...

#10 - Jordan Levine (Albany) to New Jersey - Scary thing, he might be a better trangleball player

#45 - Ryan Heath (Cortland) to Long Island - D3 represent!

#46 - Tony Tanzi (SHU) to Boston - Good luck dealing with Zummo's shenanigans on midfield

Please shoot me an email if you want to come to the Boston Cannons/Long Island Lizards game on Saturday night...


Straight from the mouth of Steve Jobs, well fake Steve Jobs, "What could be cleaner, more Zen? More Apple. than solar powered iPods, iPhones, and laptops?" MacRumors reported on a recently published patent application that uses solar power to power different Apple devices. Click here to see what MacRumors had to say...

On a personal note, I suggest everyone starts using Twitter. Although, they have been experiencing some growing pains, the application allows people to connect using short "blog" entries or IMs through a group of people. Please join and follow me at for updates and some classic banter.

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