Monday, May 19, 2008

Icahn is Pissed at Yahoo & Predictable Lacrosse Results


Icahn’s New Board: I thought everyone would enjoy reading Carl Icahn’s letter to the Chairman of Yahoo, Roy Bostock. My favorite part was when Icahn states “it is irresponsible to hide behind management’s more than overly optimistic financial forecasts.” Click here to read the full letter.


Matt and I have been working on our press release with some help from the people at Motionbox. We are grateful for the variety of resources on the internet and friend’s guidance. We are trying to post on our blog everyday and add some interesting links. We are getting "hip" to the idea of social media marketing. Watch out for some video clips through Seesmic and more tweets. This is a great article from AdAge, “Listen Before Engaging Your Audience.”

Sidenote: This past week, I had heartburn for the first time. I understand Knacke’s love for Tums. I am not happy that the same teams play Championship weekend every year. (Duke, UVA, Syracuse, Hopkins, Tech, LeMoyne, Cortland, Salisbury)

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Nick DiNardo said...

Icahn's replacement board has some very compelling characters attached to it. Specifically, Lucian Bebchuck. Part of my MBA Business and Society course was spent on executive compensation, where we read a trade book written by Bebchuck. He is a strong advocate of progressive executive compensation plans based on performance. This outlook is not unique, however I would be very excited to see an academic advocate actually put this to good use on an actual BOD. Bebchuck advocates "arms-length bargaining" between BOD's and CEO's, which is typically very hard to implement. Icahn's proxy would allow this to be done much more smoothly considering the CEO would have very little to do with this board.