Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Oracle of Oil Predicts $200-a-Barrel Crude & What it Means for Summer Recruiting

This morning, the NY Times Business Section featured an article about Arjun N. Murti, a commodities analyst/"Oracle" at Goldman Sachs. He believes that the increasing demand for oil throughout the world will keep crude above $100 a barrel through 2011. He also expects the price of crude to break $200 a barrel which could result gas prices as high as $6 per gallon. Please click here to read the article.

Below is a hypothetical summer recruiting camp/tournament schedule for a D3 school like Hartwick College. Hartwick is based in Oneonta, NY. Their coaches will travel by car to seven camps or tournaments besides the individual and team camps at the school. I calculated the mileage from Oneonta to a number of "premier" recruiting stops using Google Maps and researched MPG for a 2002 Toyota Camry and a 2000 Jeep Cheerokee on

Mileage from Oneonta, NY

New England Top 150 - Portsmouth, RI: 538 miles RT

Elite 180 @ Keene State - Keen, New Hampshire: 344 miles RT

Long Island Lacrosse Classic - Hempstead, NY: 378 miles RT

Chocolatetown Shootout - Hershey, PA: 464 miles RT

Blue Chip 225 - Fairfield, CT: 382 miles RT

Champ Camp - Towson, MD: 622 miles RT

Top 205 - College Park, MD: 702 miles RT

Total Mileage = 3,430 miles

2002 Toyota Camry
Gas Used: 3,430 miles / 29 mpg = 118.2 gallons @ $4 per gallon = $478.20
If the "Oracle" is correct: 118.2 gallons @ $6 per gallon = $709.20

2000 Jeep Cherokee
Gas Used: 3,430 miles / 17 mpg = 201.7 gallons @ $4 per gallon= $807.40
If the "Oracle" is correct: 201.7 gallons @ $6 per gallon = $1210.20

I do not know if we will reach $6 per gallon, but I am confident that gas will not drop below $4. These prices will severely strain coach's budgets. Coaches will have to look for more efficient means to identify and evaluate high school lacrosse players as their regional coverage decreases due to cost restraints. will fill a crucial need for coaches as they look for alternate ways to recruit lacrosse players. Our tool allows coaches to see game video/highlights/academic information of players throughout the country from their office in Oneonta or wherever they may be located.

Look for an official launch of on June 1.

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redwagon57 said...

Where would you be going @ $6 a gallon??
Rather then waiting for the voting results on 6/3/08 we the American people should take a stand. What happens in November if we can't afford to drive to cast our votes!!! Let's make a statement...Let's not buy gas on 6/3/08....if no one showed up at the pumps for a whole day I am sure we would hear about it on the six o'clock news...It's easy give it a try