Wednesday, November 12, 2008

LacrosseRecruits' Midweek Breakdown

It has been a hectic week at We are rolling with new memberships from players throughout the country, securing sponsorship from Reebok Lacrosse & Maverik Lacrosse and fielding lots of emails about the girl’s launch. (We are launching in the next 10 days. Our head programmer is the proud father of his first child, we are going to wait until he is back in the office to oversee a smooth launch)

Lacrosse: Growth Is Good

When we launched, we preloaded every NCAA team that competed during the 2008 season. In the past week, we have had a number of new colleges register to use our tool; Husson University, Mercy College, Calvin College, Missouri Baptist University and Willamette College. The addition of these schools is a great example of the growth of the sport at the college level. We are excited that schools feel that LacrosseRecruits gives them a leg up in the recruiting process and helps them market their new program. Please visit our Participating Schools page on

Tech News: Why Google Will Rule the World

Yesterday, Google rolled out voice and video chat to GChat. It pretty much makes the need for IChat nonexistent on my MacBook. Instead of opening another program to video chat with my brother or other “employees,” I can do it through my GMail, which is always open on my desktop anyway. Both TechCrunch and VentureBeat covered this on their blogs, but I appreciated VentureBeat’s blog title more, “Gmail’s awesomeness increases with video chat.” Click the link to read more.

Note to Google: If you can incorporate free (or very cheap) internet and telephone calling, I fully support taking down Skype…

Inspiration: Why draws as many visitors as it does

Fred Wilson had a chance to take an early look at Seven Lessons For Radical Innovators by Umair Haque. Fred posted this quote from Haque’s book on his blog, “Bigness of purpose is what separates 20th century and 21st century organizations: yesterday, we built huge corporations to do tiny, incremental things - tomorrow, we must build small organizations that can do tremendously massive things.” This idea made me rethink the importance of the tools that we use to communicate and interact with each other on the web. I am excited to see the enormous scalability of these tools and how they will connect people and commerce in our lifetime. As always, cheers to Fred Wilson, not Fred Smith.

Personal: Why Ambien is an option : )

This morning, I forced myself out of bed at 7:30AM to break my current sleep cycle of going to bed sometime between 2AM and 3AM and waking up at 9:45AM. If you do the quick math, going to bed at 2AM and waking up at 9:45 almost gets me a healthy 8 hours of sleep. For some reason, everyday I wake up and look at my alarm and see 9:45, I feel like a complete slacker. I completely blame this on Jon Serko and Mitch Barnett at Cushman & Wakefield for making me get to the office everyday for two years by 7:30AM. Just joking, kind of…

Lets go through the things that keep me up at night…

1) I run a start up (yes, it is that simple)

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Anonymous said...

Meade, Best of luck on the launch of While we can accept no blame for your sleep and work habits, we can attest to the fact that you are not a complete slacker and yes, you attempted to make it in at 7:30am each day. Best of luck We are proud of you! Mitch and Jon